Self Introduction Letter

By | August 6, 2012


________________________ [full name of the recipient]

________________________ [designation]

________________________ [full correspondence address of the address recipient, with zip code]

________________________ [contact no. of recipient]

___ / ___ / ___ [date format dd/ mm/ yy]

Subject: Letter of self introduction

Dear ______________________ [last name of the addressed with title]

The purpose of this letter is to take an opportunity to introduce myself as the new ________________ [mention your job title] of this organization. I have joined the organization on the _______________ [date of joining], and have taken the place of esteemed ______________ [full name of previous employee].

I completed my _________ [name of the degree] in ________________ [subject of major] from ______________ [name of institution/ university] in the year __________ [year of graduation]. I have also gathered a __________ [name of the additional degree] degree from ________________ [name of institution/ university] in ___________________ [subject of major]. My previous work experience includes work as _______________ [previous job title] for a duration of _____________ [span time of work] at _________________ [organization where employed]. I have also worked as _______________ [job title] at _______________ [organization where employed] for a period of __________________ [duration for which employed].

I look forward to meeting you and working with you.

Thanking you

______________________ [signature]

______________________ [full name]

______________________ [full correspondence address, zip code]

______________________ [contact no.]

______________________ [email id]

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