St Andrew’s Church,



Mr Crouch,


Sunshine School for Deaf and Dumb,


Dear Mr Crouch,

This letter has been drafted on behalf of the St Andrew’s church in order to invite you and the school students for the annual workshop organised by the authorities at the St Andrew’s church. The workshop shall be during the week preceding the occasion of Christmas. Last year, the workshop managed to gather considerable amount of funds for the better future of the students from your school. And considering the rightful and effective execution of these funds by the school authorities, the church authorities have planned a week long workshop rather than the usual 4 day long one. There are new activities which the students shall be introduced to.

The church has always worked for the benefit of the needful people and this workshop is a step in this direction. We are hopeful that the workshop shall provide ample knowledge and skill to students which can be fruitfully implemented later in life.

Yours caringly,

St Andrew’s Church


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