___________________ [name of recipient]

___________________ [residential/official address of recipient]

___________________ [city/country name]

___________________ [contact number of recipient]

Date: _____________ [dd/mm/yy]

Subject: Inviting you to be a part of our committee _______________ [mention name of committee]

Dear ________________ [name of recipient]

I, _______________ [name of sender of letter] would like to invite you to the committee formed by ____________ [mention the names of people who have formed the committee] in _______ [mention year/month/time of formation of committee] in __________ [mention place of formation of committee]. This committee is called ________________ [name of committee] and has been formed for the purpose of ____________ [mention the purpose of the formation of the committee]. The idea behind the formation of the committee was ____________ [mention relevant detail].

We really hope and wish that you are able to join the committee and accept our invitation because _______________ [mention why the sender wishes the recipient to join the committee]. As a member of this committee, you shall enjoy ____________ [mention the benefits or perks for being a member of the committee].

Please contact me on ___________ [contact number of sender] to tell me about your decision regarding this committee.

Thanking you

_______________ [name of sender]

_______________ [address of sender]


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