Corporate Invitation Letter

By | August 6, 2012


_______________ [name of recipient]                    Date: __ [dd] ___ [mm] ___ [yy]

______________ [recipient’s designation]

______________ [name of company/organization]

______________ [official address]

Subject: Corporate invitation letter

Dear ____________ [name of recipient/proper salutation]

I, _________ [mention the name of the sender] on behalf of ________ [mention the name of the organization which the sender is representing] am writing this letter to you to invite your company for __________ [mention the details of the corporate event/program who which invitation is sent] which is to be held at _______ [name of place where event is being held] in__________ [name of city, country]. ____________ [name of sending organization] is based in _______ [name of base city] and has been engaged in conducting ___________ [description of business/work]

The corporate event shall be aimed at __________ [aim or purpose of corporate event] and shall witness _____________ [mention the relevant details]. It will be a pleasure for us if you could be part of this __________ [mention the name of the event/corporate gathering] which is held only ________ [mention number of times the event/program is held] in a year.

Please revert back to us on ________ [mention contact details of sender] to tell us about your decision.

Thanking you,

________________ [sender’s name]

________________ [sender’s designation]

________________ [sender’s working organization]

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