Invitation Letter for Christmas

By | February 13, 2013


______________ [name of the recipient]

______________ [complete address of the recipient]

Date: ________ [date on which the letter is written]

Subject: Invitation letter for Christmas

Dear __________ [salutation],

Like every year, I __________ [sender’s name], take this opportunity to invite you on a Christmas party celebration. The invitation is sent for you and your family members so that we can together enjoy the festivity of Christmas.

This year, I have thought of arranging our Christmas party at ________ [mention the place or the venue of the Christmas party]. The party would be featured by unlimited snacks, drinks; ______, ___________ and _______ [mention some of the features of the party]. For kids, we have special attractive games, Santa competitions; ______ and _______ [mention some of the attractions for kids]. You are requested to kindly reach the party hall by _____ [mention the time of reach of the invitees], so that you do not miss even a single moment of our Christmas Eve celebrations!

We cannot let this Christmas season pass without your graceful presence. I am sure that you will find time out of your busy schedule to join us on the party night. It would be really helpful if you can send us your confirmation and the number of members coming along with you, latest by _______ [mention the date].

We look forward to have you at the Christmas party!


____________ [sender’s name]

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