_______________ [name of recipient]                      Date: _______ [dd/mm/yy]

_______________ [address of recipient]

_______________ [contact number of recipient]

Subject: Media invitation letter

Dear ____________ [name of recipient]

Hi, I, ___________ [name of sender of letter or host’s name] is writing this letter on behalf of ___________ [name of organization sending letter] to invite you for the __________ [mention the details of the event/program for which the invitation is being sent] which is to be held at ___________ [mention the place/venue details]. This invitation letter is being sent to you because______________ [mention the reasons why the invitation is being sent]. The ______ __ [name of event] shall be held on _________ [mention the date of event/media program] at ____________ [mention the time].

If you wish to accept this invitation, and then please revert back to us by contacting on ________ [mention the contact details of the sender]. It will be a pleasure to have you because_____________ [mention the relevant reason] and we are greatly looking forward to ____________ [mention the appropriate details].

The dress code for the ___________ [name of event/program] is __________ [mention the details of the dress code]. So please be present accordingly.

Hope to see you there.

Thanking you,

________________ [sender’s name]

________________ [sender’s address]

________________ [contact number]


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