Travel Invitation Letter

By | February 6, 2013


_____________ [name of the recipient]

_____________ [designation

_____________ [address or name of the company of the recipient]

Date: ________ [date on which letter is written]

Subject: Travel invitation letter

Respected Sir/Madam ________ [salutation],

I am writing this letter on behalf of __________ Company [mention the name of the sender’s company]. I am writing this letter to tell you that our company has organized a travel tour for ____________ [mention the place], so that our employees may get to explore more about ___________, __________ and ___________ [mention the purpose behind organizing travel tour].

We have taken this decision is accordance to the rising competition in the market. The travel tour is scheduled for the total of ________ days [mention the duration or length of stay], i.e. from ___________ to ___________ [mention the date or arrival and departure]. We have send invitations to many big companies like yours so that employees from different fields and departments may get to know each other and get exposed to newer techniques and ideas.

We assure you that this travel tour would be of a great help for increasing output of your employees and in turn for improving output of your organization. We would appreciate if you can send us a confirmation letter latest by _______ [mention the last date], specifying the total number of interested employees. For any other information, we may be contacted at ___________ [mention the contact details]

Thanking you for your time and efforts.


_____________ [sender’s name]

____________ [sender’s address/name of the company]

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