Vendor Invitation Letter

By | February 13, 2013


________________ [name of the vendor]

________________ [designation]

________________ [name of the company or an organization to which a vendor belongs to]

Date: ________ [date on which the letter is written]

Subject: Vendor invitation letter

Dear Vendor _______ [salutation],

I am writing this letter on behalf of ________ [mention sender’s company/organization]. We would like to invite you to participate in the _____________ [mention the name of the event/meeting/conference etc], hosted by __________ [mention the company or an organization who is hosting].

We have invited vendors from all over the country for their sincerest contribution to the event. In addition, you are also invited to exercise and practice your marketing skills or sales plan strategies for your existing or newly released products, on a platform that would be provided to you on that day. The event is supposed to take place on ___________ [mention the date on which the event is to be held] at ____________ [complete address of the venue of the event].

We hope that you will join us and other vendors for the continuous support of _________ event [mention the name of the event/meeting/conference etc]. For any other information, we can be contacted at __________ or _______ [mention sender’s contact information].

Thanking you for your time and consideration.


____________ [sender’s name/ supplier’s name]

____________ [designation]

____________ [name of the company]

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