______________________ [name of the receiver]

______________________ [designation of the receiver]

______________________ [recipient’s company name]

______________________ [official address of company]

Date: ______________ [dd/mm/yy]

Subject: advertising job cover letter

Respected _____________ [enter proper salutation]

I, _____________ [name of the sender], by the means of this letter would like to apply for the advertising job position ____________ [name the position] in your esteemed and reputed advertising company ________ [mention the name of the company]. I am writing this letter to apply for the job after reading the job post availability article in _________ [name of newspaper/magazine]. I have an experience of ______ [number of years/time span] months/years in this field and have previously worked at _____________ [name of company/companies] for a time period stretched over _______ [number of years] years.

I am an extremely ________ [mention the skills/qualities of the sender] individual who believes in ________ [mention the ideology of the sender].I am __________ [mention educational qualifications]. I have completed my studies in advertising from ___________ [name of institute] and have been awarded with ___________ [names of awards/accomplishments]. I think I am perfectly suited for this job position because ________________ [reasons for suitability of the candidate]. Hope you consider me as the fit choice for this job. Please find my resume enclosed with this letter.

Hoping to hear from you soon

Yours faithfully,

_________________________ [full name of sender]

_________________________ [correspondence address]

_________________________ [contact no.]

_________________________ [email address]


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