Media Job Cover Letter

By | August 6, 2012


________________________ [full name of the recipient]

________________________ [designation of the recipient in the company]

________________________ [company name]

_____________ [official address]

___ / ___ / ___ [dd/mm/yy]

Subject: media job cover letter

Respected ______________________ [name of recipient]

I, __________ [name of sender], would like to apply for the job position of __________ [mention the name of the job position for which application is sent]. I am applying for this position in reference to the advertisement that was published for the said vacancy in ____________ [name of newspaper] on ________ [mention date]. I consider myself as an apt candidate for this job because ________________ [mention the reasons why the sender is suitable for the job].

I am an individual who is _____________ [mention the skills] and believes in _____________ [mention the beliefs of the sender]. I have a wide experience of working in the media field and thus have the confidence of doing well at this job. Your company ___________ [mention name of company] has been my favorite media company and I am glad that I have got the opportunity to apply for a job here. Please find my resume enclosed with this letter.

Thanking you

______________________ [full name of sender]

______________________ [contact number of sender]

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