Sales Job Offer Letter

By | August 6, 2012


________________________ [full name of the recipient]

________________________ [full correspondence address of the recipient]

________________________ [contact number of the recipient]

___ / ___ / ___ [date in dd/ mm/ yy format]

Subject: sales job offer letter                   

Dear ______________________ [name of the recipient]

I, ________[name of the sender] on behalf of _____________[name of company of the sender] am extremely pleased to inform you that you are being offered the job position of ____________[mention the exact job position title] in the sales department of our company ___________[mention name of the company].This announcement comes as a result of _______[mention the reasons for the announcement]. You come across as a _________ [mention the various observations of the sender about the recipient].

Should you accept this job position, you shall be bound by a bond of ______ [number of years] years. You shall be paid an amount of $________ [amount] each month which gives you an in hand salary of ________ [total yearly salary] per year. The other incentives which are being provided to you include _____________ [mention the details of the other incentives and perks of the sales job].

Please contact us on ___________ [mention contact details of the sender] to discuss other important terms.

Thanking you

______________________ [signature]

______________________ [full name of sender]

______________________ [company name]

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