Summer Job Cover Letter

By | August 6, 2012

Date: – ____ / ____ / ___ [format: date / month / year]


_______________________ [full name of the addressed personnel/ individual]

_______________________ [job title of recipient]

_______________________ [company name]

_______________________ [full address of the office]

Sub: Applying for the position of ___________ [mention the position for which you are applying]

Dear ___________________ [mention the last name with an appropriate title]

My name is __________________ [write your full name with title], and I am currently studying at __________________ [name of the institution or the university]. I am undergoing a _____________ [level of the studies] degree in _________________ [mention the subject or field of study].

As you know the summer break is approaching, and all the students under this program are encouraged to take up a summer job. I would like to request you to kindly consider my application, for the ____________ [mention the inter position] at your organization. _____________________ [name of the business organization] has an internship program where students are selected to work as ______________ [give the exact title for the interns]. I am very interested in this position and would like to join this esteemed organization for the same. Please find enclosed with this letter a copy of my resume.

Waiting to hear from you, and looking forward for an opportunity of working with this organization.

Thanking you

_________________ [signature]

_________________ [full name]

_________________ [contact no.]

_________________ [correspondence address]

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