Formal Leave Request Letter

By | January 30, 2013


______________ [name of the recipient]

_____________ [designation]

______________ [name and address of the company]

Date: ___________ [date on which the letter is written]

Subject: Formal leave request letter

Respected Sir/Madam ______ [salutation],

Through this letter, I would formally like to request you for ___________ days [mention the number of leaves] leave due to ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ [briefly mention the reason behind your leave request].

I am requesting you for leaves from ____________ [mention the 1st day of leave] to ____________ [mention the last day of leave]. I will be reporting to office on my regular time on ________ [mention the date of reporting to office]. Sir, during the course of my absence, I have made sure that Mr. ___________ and Mr. ________ [mention the names of sender’s colleagues/ co-workers] will take care of my immediate responsibilities and duties. Also the project report that I had to submit on ___________ [mention the date of submission], would be submitted to you by either of my two colleagues.

Sir, I sincerely request you for your leave approval. For any further information that you may need, I can be contacted at ________ [mention sender’s details]. It would be a great help from your side if you approve me for my leave at your earliest convenience.

Thanks for your time and consideration.


____________ [sender’s name]

____________ [sender’s designation]

____________ [sender’s address]

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