Legal Letter of Agreement

By | January 23, 2013


______________ [mention the name of the recipient]

_______________ [designation or position in the organization]

_______________[name and address of the organization]

Date: ___________ [date on which the letter is written]

Subject: Legal letter of agreement

Respected Sir ____________ [salutation],

We are pleased to present you this agreement letter. This letter of agreement is between ___________ and ____________ [mention the name of the two persons/company etc between whom/which the agreement letter is made and signed]. This agreement is made on _____ [day] of __________ [month].

The letter of agreement between the two parties states that ____________________________________________________ [briefly mention the purpose of the agreement letter]. The main purpose behind making of the agreement letter is that, both the parties have mutually agreed to fulfill the responsibilities and duties such as ___________________________________________________________ [mention the responsibilities that are agreed to be fulfilled]. Also, I would like to update to you that this agreement letter is in best existence till ___________ [mention the date of expiry of the agreement letter], after which it would be considered as void or null.

Through this letter, we are fully sure that difference of opinion, if any, would be mutually solved by us. We mutually agree to identify each other through this letter.

Thanking you for your consideration.


_____________ [name of the 1st agreeing party/person/organization]

_____________ [signature]

_____________ [name of the 2nd agreeing party/person/organization]

_____________ [signature]

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