Legal Letter of Authorization

By | January 23, 2013


______________ [mention the name of the recipient]

______________ [designation]

______________ [name and address of the company]

Date: ________ [date on which the letter is written]

Subject: Legal letter of authorization

Respected Sir ________ [salutation],

I, _____________ [mention the name of the sender], write to you as I hereby authorize ____________ [mention the name of the person who is being authorized] to collect all my property documents and insurance claims from my lawyer __________ [mention the name of the lawyer].

This letter of authorization that I am submitting to you would be valid for ____________days [mention the total number of days of validity of authorization] from the date of _________, after which it will become null or void.

In line and in agreement to the above stated authorization, I have attested and enclosed a document along with this letter that would mention the signature of the authorized person, along with his personal details.

For any kind of information that you may need in future related to authorization process, authorized person’s identity etc, you may contact at __________ [mention sender’s contact details].

Thanking you for your kind consideration.


_____________ [name of the sender]

_____________ [address of the sender]

_____________ [name of the person authorized]

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