Legal Loan Agreement Letter

By | January 23, 2013


______________ [mention the name of the recipient]

______________ [designation]

______________ [name and address of the company seeking loan]

Date: ________ [date on which the letter is written]

Subject: legal loan agreement letter

Respected Sir ________ [salutation],

This letter is to inform that the undersigned ___________ [mention the name of the company or the person or the borrower of the loan], under the laws of state ________ [mention the name of the state] has sincerely requested for ___________ $ loan [mention the amount of loan requested] from ___________ [mention the lender], for the purpose of ____________ [mention the stated purpose for loan].

Lender has carefully considered all the legal procedures, past records, history and other important information of the borrower and is agreeing to provide a loan of ________ $ [mention the amount]. The enclosed document underlines the terms and conditions on which the loan has been agreed. Borrower and lender hereby agrees to follow that ___________________________________________________________ [mention the loan agreement conditions that are being mutually agreed by the lender and the borrower].

This loan agreement letter represents the final agreement between both the parties. Any unwritten oral agreements between the parties would not be entertained.



____________ [sender’s name]

____________ [sender’s details]

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