Section 129 Legal Letter

By | July 16, 2011


Mr Lewis,

Legal advisor,

Flying Garden Apparels Ltd,



The Board of Directors,

Flying Garden Apparels Ltd,


Dear Board of Directors,

This letter has been drafted to make you all informed about the changes in the amendments brought by the judiciary of this country in the section 129 of the law book of this country. The section 129 of the constitution is concerned with the working parameters which we deal in. Hence, it is very much necessary for all the Board of Directors to be aware of the amendments in this section of the law book. This shall help you all in devising methods for the future operational purpose of the firm. The changes brought in the section 129 and the new definitions included in this section have been intimated in the documents which have been enclosed along with this letter. Please find them and get informed about these vital changes in legal parameters.

Any doubts regarding the changes shall be discussed in the forthcoming Board Meeting. Hoping for a prosperous future,

Yours faithfully,

Mr Lewis