CV Covering Letter Template

By | April 20, 2010

[Employer Company Personnel’s Name]

[Title of the Personnel]

[Employer Company Name]

[Address 1]

[Name of the Place]


Dear [Employer Company Personnel’s Name],

In response to your advertisement in [Mention the source of the news] dated [Mention the date] I hereby submit my CV for your kind consideration for the post of [Mention the post you have applied for].

I am a well trained [Specify the details of your training, if any. If you have worked post training, please specify the name of the establishments where you worked clearly mentioning the period of work. Here, you may mention any special occasion/ event where you participated in the same designation which you have applied for]. I do look forward to use [Specify any specific area where you intend to use your expertise in the employer’s organization]

I would like to thank you [Write in simple sentences outlining your gratitude for considering you for the post]

Yours faithfully,

[Name of the applicant]