Demand Letter Template

By | April 20, 2010

Demand for Payment

[Name of the Customer]
[Address 1]
[Address 2]

Dear [mention the name],

This letter is meant to serve [State clearly it is meant as a formal notice just to inform the customer that he is at default for his obligation to make the repayment of sum of [mention the amount]. This sum had been advanced to him on [Date of Advance]

It has been observed that this said amount has been overdue from [Mention the date from which it is overdue]. You have failed to [State clearly the default in payment despite repeated reminders]

Unless the above mentioned payment isn’t made in full within [Mention the period] from the notice date, we will be forced to take recourse to whatever rights and remedies the law has bestowed on us to enforce such payment.

Kindly keep in mind accordingly.

Yours truly,