Donation Letter Template

By | April 20, 2010


Name of Receiver
[City, State Zip]

Dear [name],

Please don’t hesitate to acknowledge [State the diverse important work your organization is associated with. Also emphasize rationally and logically why the donors should opt to donate with whole heartedness towards your organization. The reader will be delighted if you talk with facts and figure which will strengthen your credibility].

The reason [Lay down in simple, lucid words the purpose of donating to the selected entity. It will be prudent to clearly mention the benefits that your organization will derive from the funds.] We are organizing the events [furnish name, date, and a vivid description of the events to which your organization was associated with for fund raising].

It is worth mentioning that $24000 [Give a list of the various amounts which shall be generated through these donations. It will also help in providing the required funds which will go long away to organization’s cause].

Best wishes,

[Organization President(s)/ Chairman(s)]