Proposal Letter Template

By | April 20, 2010

[Current Date]

[Party’s First Name] [Party’s Last Name]

[Party’s Title]

[Party’s Company]

[Party’s Adress1]

[Party’s Address2]

[Party’s City] [Party’s State] [Party’s Postal Code]

Dear Mr, Ms [mention the name],

We would like to present you with the proposal [Mention the details of the proposal. Clearly state the terms of the proposal especially things like profit sharing, administrative power sharing etc]

The gestation period expenses [State your proposal how you intend to share the expenditure specially mentioning the period over which you intend to amortize the expenses].

We are also ready to [Clearly mention those areas where you consent to hear the other parties too. This will give the party a sense of being given an appropriate hearing].

All the [Mention the expenses] shall be borne by us in the ratio of [Mention the ratio].

All the [Mention the expenses] shall be subject to [Name the jurisdiction of the court clearly mentioning the municipal limits]

We look forward to hear from you at the earliest.


[Your Name]

[Your title]