Sponsorship Letter Template

By | April 20, 2010

Name of the Addresser:

Address of the Addresser:

Name of the City or State:


The Addressee

Dear [Just mention the name. Title is not needed],

My name is [mention the name] and I am the [state your designation] of [mention the name of the school/College Sports club].

The [mention the name of the school/College Sports club] has been running successfully for six years. We have had over [give the details of how many people used your training facilities and how many tournaments they have attended so far]. You may also be aware [bring to the notice of sponsor how your club is associated with high and mighty from the sporting arena. Don’t exaggerate].

The major expenses [give instances of those expenses which the sponsor can share]. We think you would consider helping us with these expenses in some form.

You can gain from publicity, for instance [tell one example where your previous sponsor has gained in terms of publicity]

Thanks for giving your consideration.
Best Regards

[Your name]

[Your organization]