Romantic Letter Template

By | February 18, 2010

A romantic letter template is a simple pre-designed letter that gives one space to address to that special someone and send without having to take time scratching heads and pondering what to write. A romantic letter template is ambiguous, professionally designed and available in categories, depending on your desires.

Love letter template

My Dearest, Sweet, angel

My heart overflows with love and joy for you at all times. The most wonderful reality in life is what I am living, with an amazing and wonderful angel by my side. The thought of you warms my heart immensely; my mind is filled with contentment whenever I am close to you; caressing and touching your smooth, warm body completes me in many innocent ways, comforts me and makes me feel desired. You have brought me immeasurable happiness and that is why you always have been, are, and will always be, my number one.

With love, warmth and longing,

Your love angel