Marketing Data Analyst Cover Letter

By | January 9, 2013


_______________ [mention the name of the recipient]

_______________ [designation in the company]

_______________ [name and address of the company]

Date: ___________ [date in which the letter is written]

Subject: Marketing data analyst cover letter.

Respected Sir ________ [salutation],

I was pleased to read your job advertisement for the post of a marketing data analyst in the local newspaper ___________ [mention the source of the job advertisement], dated ________ [mention the date on which the job was being advertised]. Through this letter I wish to apply my candidacy for the same and I am enclosing a copy of my resume for your kind referral.

Sir, I truly respect that the job post of the marketing data analyst requires ______________________________________ [briefly mention the job duties and responsibilities of the marketing job data analyst]. I hold an experience of ________ years [mention the number of years] of working as a marketing data analyst, wherein I got equipped with finest means of analyzing marketing details, studying marketing changes, scrutinizing and implementing marketing plans, ____________ and _____________ [mention some the of key skills and proficiencies of the applicant].

I assure you that I would work with full dedication and loyalty to prove to be an asset to your company. Please present me with an opportunity to sit for an interview with you. For any further information regarding my candidacy, I can be contacted at __________ [mention sender’s contact details]

Thanking you!


__________ [sender’s name]

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