How to write a Memo

By | December 1, 2010

If you are planning to write a memo, there are some important aspects you should consider. Most of the memo writers may not think about their audiences and needs when writing a memo. However, this is very important when you are writing a memo for budget-related and call-to-action memos. For instance, when you write a memo for these reasons, it is very important to provide reasons for the readers about the benefits of attending the extra meeting you organize. You can also show the increased productivity as well as cost-effectiveness achieved by your company from investing in the idea. On the other hand, you should also avoid over-explaining the points.

Moreover, jargon is also a frequent problem for many writers. This is found in technology sector and professional fields. You should also know that, if your readers do not understand the message you send through the memo, they might not respond properly.