Sample Legal Memo

By | December 1, 2010


Chief of Falcon Prosecutions

Ohio, US – 367496


Assistant Prosecutor

16th August 2010

Subject: Discussion on the Case of Jerry Arnold

Mr. Jerry Arnold was accused for getting into the Garage of Mr. and Mrs. Smith’s garage and stealing some of their personal property. According to the investigation report, it was considered that the event was occurred on 14 August 2010.

Although Arnold is rejecting the case charged on him, we are looking for a better explanation from your side. I have also attached the necessary documents and files related to the case. Therefore, you can study it properly and help me to resolve the case.

For any further assistance or information, you can contact me any time on my phone or mail ID. Looking for an immediate feedback from your side. Therefore, please do the necessary study on the case and give us the feedback.