Sample Office Memo

By | December 1, 2010

February 13, 2010


Jennifer Graham, CEO


Magnum Technologies Staff

Subject: Voluntary Participation on Walkathon on 16 Feb 2010.

The memo is to act as a notice to the employees about participating on the Walkathon event conducted by Wockhardt hospital. I would like to inform all the company staffs about the Walkathon program organized by Wockhardt hospital in our company campus.

The event is organized on 16 Feb 2010. Therefore, I would like to inform that all the employees and staffs should participate in the event and volunteer the group. As we are given in charge of the event management, I want our company staffs to act as a backbone and support the event.

I would like to get a feedback from the management within 48 hours about the arrangements of the event.

You can contact the management for any further clarifications or queries related to the event.