Answering machine message ideas

By | July 17, 2012

An answering machine voicemail greeting is a very important message. Mostly the first contact the people have with you or with your company are through these voicemail messages. While you are planning to record a voicemail greeting, certain points and ideas must be considered. Following are few answering machine message ideas.

  • First of all your voicemail greeting should first and foremost let the caller know that who they have reached over the phone. It is very important to record a message with proper details so that the caller can leave message appropriately after realizing that they have reached the right number.For this you need to indicate your name and your organization’s name if this is your work phone number.
  • The second piece of information that should be included is that when can a caller expect to receive a call back from you. For example if you are out, you can indicate at what time or day you will be back.
  • You can also leave certain instructions that a caller can follow if it is very urgent to reach you.
  • If you are temporarily absent, then you must let your callers be informed that you are out for a certain temporary period and what the right time to contact you is.
  • Never record the message spontaneously and it is always better to first write down the greeting that you are planning to record on your voice mail.

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