Baby Shower Messages

By | October 11, 2011

Baby shower is an occasion where a new born baby or a yet to be born baby and his mother are congratulated and showered with blessings. This occasion is generally celebrated with a lot of joy.Both the mother and the child are given gifts and blessing but on this occasion; a baby shower message is probably the best way to convey your heartfelt wishes for the both of them.

The following are a few types of baby shower messages:

  • Baby shower message for expectant mother
  • Baby shower message for mother
  • Baby shower message to the parents


Whatever the type of baby shower message you are writing, it is important to write it in the proper manner. So we have the following points

  1. Be genuine and write the message so that it gives warm and personalised feeling.
  2. Don’t write long messages, be brief and precise.
  3. Convey your good wished to the mother, newborn child and other family members.