Birthday messages

By | October 11, 2011

A birthday is an occasion which is marks the end and beginning of a new year in everyone’s life. This day holds an important place for most people. It is generally a happy occasion which should be celebrated with happiness and joy. A birthday message is a way to express and convey your wishes for someone on his/her birthday. A birthday message should be filled with enthusiasm and positivity.

Birthday messages can be of various types:

  • Birthday message to friend
  • Birthday message to son/daughter
  • Birthday message to boss
  • Birthday message to colleague
  • Birthday message to father/mother


A birthday message doesn’t need to be formal. One can just let thoughts covert into words while writing a birthday message. The following points can be useful while framing such a message:

  1. Write a personalised birthday message as it would make the recipient feel special.
  2. Be as warm as possible so that the recipient feels happy reading whatever you have written.
  3. Birthday messages are supposed to be filled with wishes but one should take care not to write lengthy ones as it tends to take the effect away.

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