• I know how important these exams are to you…but don’t worry, all that hard work is sure to pay off.  Just know that, you are in my prayers and I wish you the best of luck…Go crack them!
  • Nothing is impossible…the exams will be a cake walk.  After all the hard work, it will be smooth sailing for you…Don’t worry and just go with a calm and composed mind.  You are sure to come out with flying colors.
  • Killer instinct is very important, be it in sports or while facing crucial exams.  So, go with that attitude and I’m sure nothing will be difficult for you.  You have been working very hard for these exams, and you are sure to do very well!  All the Best!
  • As you are set to ace the exams, know that my prayers are with you.  Best of Luck.  I’m sure you will do us all proud.
  • Keep your cool, nothing is impossible…I’m sure the exams will be a cake-walk after the amount of dedicated hard work you have put in.  All the best of luck.  Do well.


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