• I know you have the ability and the desire and I know for sure you combine it with diligent hard work…So, go ahead and prove your worth…You are truly an inspiration to others and you will come out with flying colors.
  • You have the potent combination of intelligence combined with hard work, determination combined with perseverance…So, no goal is too difficult, no destination too far…Go for it…Wishing you the very best of luck and may you come out a winner.
  • Yes, you can…I have never seen a more sincere or hard working or intelligent student than you…I know your goal may seem far to you, but the journey of a thousand miles, still begins with a single step.  Keep your eyes on the goal and success shall follow you!
  • I know you better than yourself, and I know that your sincerity and hard work will not go in vain.  So, go and crack those exams and bring back many glories to the school. Just keep your cool.    All the best! 


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