Funeral messages for believers

By | July 17, 2012

Funeral is a word that no one is willing to listen about, but at the same time it is a bitter reality which we cannot ignore also. Funeral is the name given to the set of ceremonies that are performed after a person passes away, to give blessings to the soul. Following are a few funeral messages for the believers.

Sample funeral messages for believers

  • Though death is certain for all of us, but we can triumph over it in Christ.
  • Living for God makes both life and death meaningful.
  • Death heartrending, dark and an end to us, in this case, it is a soul’s welcome in the great heaven, where it will become eternal forever.
  • Precious in the sight of the lord, is the death of his saints as it reunites them.
  • God his own ways of loving us, and death is just a medium that attaches our soul with the great almighty.
  • Death releases a person from the pains, inequities and uncertainties of life and opens the doorway of great heaven.
  • We must not consider death as an end to one’s life, but it is a starting to a spiritual journey covered by our soul.


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