Funny Boxing Day Messages

By | October 10, 2011

  • Box your negative thoughts and feelings…‘unbox’ all your positive energy…Have a great Boxing Day!
  • Box the negativity and lows away and welcome all the good things in life on this Boxing Day…have a great day.
  • Boxing Day is a great day to shop for all the post-Xmas discounts…head out and shop your heart out and mail me the gifts soon!
  • Wish you a fun-filled Boxing Day…Go out and paint the town red!  Let the party continue!
  • From one party to another…from one celebration to another….Have a great Boxing Day!
  • Another day to relax and laze around…the perfect way to recover after the great Christmas party…Have a relaxed Boxing Day!
  • Time to rest and recuperate after the busy partying…a well earned reprieve on Boxing Day!  Enjoy it!
  • Happy Boxing Day!  Use the day to build up your strength and energy before the partying for the New Year begins!