Get Well Soon Message for Kids

By | October 10, 2011

  • I know you must be bored in the hospital, so I’m sending this little teddy bear to keep you company…Get well soon.  We still have to go that wonderful park we were planning to go.
  • Don’t feel so low!  This Board Game will keep you busy, and once you get well soon, we’ll call all your friends home and have a blast!
  • Hey, Get well soon! I know you can’t bear the thought of staying indoors for so long, but think of it as a time to catch up with all your video games!  As soon as you are up and about, we’ll head out for that picnic!
  • This Barbie doll comes with special powers to cheer you up…Get well soon…All your friends are waiting to catch up with you!
  • Get well soon!  We all are missing your naughty little antics at school and at home too…we are eagerly waiting for you to get back on your feet…Cheers!