Good Night Messages for Friends

By | July 17, 2012

We always tend to remember the most important people in our life often in the morning while starting the day or at night while going to sleep. Following are few good night messages for friends that you can send them to make them know that you are thinking about them.

Sample good night messages for friends

  • Look the moon is calling you, the stars are shining for you, and my heart is saying that – May God bless you with all the things that you want. Good Night dear and take care.
  • Close your teeny weeny eyes and touch your loving heart. Pray to God and say Good Night. Switch of your lights and sleep tight. When mosquitoes come, give them a tough fight.
  • Keep your worries at bay, leave your tensions outside, come and hug your sweet pillow, and get involved in beautiful dreams. Good night dear.
  • Don’t think of the things that you did not get after praying, just dream of the things that you will get with the unlimited blessings of the GOD. Good Night.
  • Talk to yourself for few moments before sleeping, otherwise you’ll miss meeting a great personality in the entire day. Good night dear.

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