Invitation messages

By | January 25, 2011

Invitation messages are the finest way to invite a person at an occasion, event or a function. An invitation message should be convincing enough to invite the guests at the particular occasion. For this purpose, an invitation message should be as polite as possible.

The following are a few types of invitation message:

  1. Invitation message for wedding
  2. invitation message for engagement
  3. invitation message for a sports event
  4. Invitation message to a friend


Invitation messages are to be crafted really carefully and with a lot of precision as they are generally formal. The following tips and suggestions will help you draft a message correctly:

  1. The overall tone of the message should be formal and not casual.
  2. The occasion for which the message is written should be mentioned clearly.
  3. The time, date and venue are the important points to be mentioned in the invitation.
  4. The name of the guest or guests should also be mentioned.