New Baby Messages

By | January 25, 2011

The birth of a new baby is the happiest moment for parents, relatives and friends. It is always good to say congratulations to the family of the baby and the right way to do so are by writing new baby messages. These messages express your happiness for the arrival of a new member.

The following are the categories into which new baby messages are divided:

  • New baby message to friend
  • New baby message to relative
  • New baby message to colleague
  • New baby message to boss


If you are facing trouble writing a perfect new baby message, then we have the following tips that can prove to be helpful:

  1. Be as genuine as you can, the message shouldn’t sound like a formality, and instead it should be heartfelt.
  2. Congratulating the parents and the family and wishing for the baby’s good health are the perfect ingredients for a new baby message.
  3. Wish good health to the new born and the mother in your message.