Sorry messages

By | January 25, 2011

Sometimes it is difficult apologize for a mistake made. In that case, a sorry message works as the best solution to express your admittance of a mistake. Sorry messages need to be drafted very carefully keeping in mind that the recipient might be hurt and needs to be convinced that you are truly sorry.

Sorry messages can be sent to a variety of people. Based on this, the following are the categories in which sorry messages are divided into:

  1. Sorry message to friend
  2. sorry message to colleague
  3. sorry message to relative


Saying sorry and accepting your mistake is one of the most challenging tasks to do. So writing a sorry message can be difficult. Use the following tips to solve your purpose:

  • Accept your mistake gracefully; don’t let the other person feel that you have been forced to write this message.
  • Use words which are convincing enough. But be brief and do not give a lot of explanations.