Sympathy messages

By | January 25, 2011

Whenever a person undergoes a sad event or a loss of any kind, the best way to let them know of your feelings is by sending them a sympathy message. Sympathy always works in letting the recipient be aware of the support you have for him/her. These messages are supposed to be heartfelt and must not sound too cheerful or happy.

There can be a lot of sympathy messages depending upon the occasion or the recipient. The following are a few:

  • Sympathy message in case of death
  • Sympathy message on losing a sports event
  • Sympathy message to friend
  • Sympathy message to colleague


Sympathy is a difficult form of expression and needs to be delivered carefully. The following points will help you to frame a sympathy message in the proper manner:

  • The message should look genuine and straight from the heart. So write the message with emotions.
  • Be brief. Stick to the point and be precise.
  • Express the fact that you feel sad and sorry for whatever happened.