Take Care messages for friends

By | July 17, 2012

To love someone is one thing that makes the life a beautiful experience. We often have many loved ones in our life like our relatives, our friends who make our life worth living. As it is important to love someone, it is equally important to show your care & love to them. Here are a few take care messages for friends who are a very important part of our life.

Sample take care messages for friends

  • You are like a tree in my life who gives me shade when I need it, who gives me fruits filled with immense sweetness and a strong shoulder on which I can cry upon. You are my dearest friend. I miss you and you take care of yourself.
  • When God opened the door of heaven, and asked me what my wish is – I asked God to take care of you forever, to make you smile forever and to give you all the happiness.
  • You are very important reason of my happiness. So always take care of you as I need you to be happy.
  • Sometimes you need someone to write happiness in your life and erase sadness. You are such a friend to me. Take care dear.

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