Thinking of you messages for cancer patients

By | July 17, 2012

Cancer is such a dreadful disease that kills you even before you die. The fear of losing life and all the loved ones is even more painful than losing the life itself. Although nowadays there are several treatments for cancer patients but they need a great deal of emotional support to fight with this disease. Here are a few thinking of you messages for cancer patients that will make them realize, they are being loved & missed.

Sample thinking of you messages for cancer patients

  • Transform the negative energy into positive energy. It’s your perception which makes a difference in the way you live. Cancer may take away your chances of a long life but it can never take away your wish to enjoy every moment of your life. Thinking of you dear.
  • Life should not be long but it should be happier, full of joy and full of lovely unforgettable moments. Don’t let cancer take away happiness from your life. You are a fighter and I am sure you will defeat cancer & take your life back from it. I am always there by your side to support you.
  • There is an inner strength that lives in you which is greater than any obstacle that you face. It is your spirit, listen and feel this beautiful energy within yourself. Missing you and thinking of you.

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