What are traditional housewarming gifts

By | July 17, 2012

Housewarming gifts are given to the people who have recently bought a new house. To give them good wishes and help them decorate the interiors of their house, they are presented with gifts by near & dear ones. Some housewarming gifts hold great importance according to our tradition. These traditional housewarming gifts which not only symbolize the good wishes, but they bless house & housemates in different ways. Following are some the traditional housewarming gifts.

  • Bread is given as housewarming gift, as it symbolizes people in this house never stay hungry. Their cupboards would always be filled.
  • Salt as a housewarming gift symbolizes the flavor of life, and by giving salt it is wished that people in this house shall always have a flavor in their life.
  • Sugar symbolizes sweetness of life and wishes that life of the people living in this house shall always be filled with sweetness.
  • Candle symbolizes light and wishes that there shall always be light & happiness in this house.
  • Coin symbolizes good fortune and wishes that may the lady luck always shower good fortune in this house.
  • Broom symbolizes sweeping away of all the negative energy and bad elements, and wishes that this house shall always be free from any bas influence or negative energy.

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