Write Your Letter To Get Self Care Insight

By | July 17, 2012

The past will never come and the future is yet to come. So, focus on the present which is serving you right now. No doubt, the cycle will go on. The present will become past; the future will become present and so on. So, it’s up to you as how you choose to use your present. It’s up to you as which path you choose. Just take an example of two candidates. Both have got the same opportunity but the attitudes are different. One is positive and another is negative. Both the candidates have failed in the last five interviews. But X is positive enough to think about the present while Y frets over the past failures. X faces the present interview and gets success in the sixth attempt. But due to the fear of past five failures, Y does not even attend the interview. So, the job now becomes a past for Y which will never come while the glowing future now becomes the present for X. So, basically the attitude of a person determines what s/he can embrace in her/his life. The question is how can we develop a positive attitude? The answer is; all by yourself. Pick up a pen and paper today and write your letter to get self care insight.

Just visit your past and think what you have done in the past and what are the consequences that you are getting in the present? Just visit the past, don’t live in it. Thinkof what positive things you could have done in the past but you have not done yet. And when you get the answer, start doing the work today. In this way, you can make the most of your present and eventually, the present will take good care of your future.

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