Office Lease Termination Letter

By | March 16, 2013


_______________ [name of company or office]                         Date: __ [dd] ___ [mm] ___ [yy]

______________ [address of company line 1]

______________ [address of company line 2]


Subject: Office Lease Termination Letter

Dear ____________ [Salutation]

This letter is to inform you that we will have to terminate the office lease which we entered upon with you on the _______________ [mention date of commencement], and this is effective legally from ___________________ [dd/mm/yy]. We have sent a legal notice to your company intimating the same and we hope that there will be no delay in receiving and acting on the same from your end. The reasons for our termination of the office lease are myriad, but chiefly non-compliance with the spirit of the agreement has forced us to rethink our decision on the lease.

We regret this decision, but we have been left with no other alternative. We request you to consult your legal team before deciding on a date to finalize the negotiations. In case of any doubts or queries please contact us at ___________________ [number] or write to us at ____________ [email id]. We hope to hear a reply from you soon.


Thanking you,

________________ [employer’s name]

________________ [employer’s designation]

________________ [Office name]

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