Office Reference Letter

By | March 15, 2013


_______________ [name of company or office]                         Date: __ [dd] ___ [mm] ___ [yy]

______________ [address of company line 1]

______________ [address of company line 2]


Subject: Office Reference Letter


Dear ____________ [Salutation]

This letter is to inform you that our erstwhile employee __________________ [mention name of person being referred] is an extremely competent and diligent worker, and has earned various accolades for the company in his capacity as ____________________ [mention the position in which the person worked]. He has participated in various activities and projects for the company like ___________________ [mention some important projects] and has also won several awards like ___________________ [mention the name of the awards]. We have received no complaint against him in his duration of working with us, which lasted a period of ____________ [mention duration].

We hereby assure you that _________________ [mention name of person] bears a steadfast and upright moral character and has performed his role in our company with exactitude and efficiency. We wish him the very best of luck with his career, and hope that his expertise and understanding in the concerned field benefits your firm like it has benefitted ours.

Thanking you,

________________ [here mention the employer’s name]

________________ [employer’s designation]

________________ [Office name]

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