Order Received Letter

By | March 25, 2013


_______________________ [name of recipient]                                   _______________________

_______________________ [designation]                                     [company letterhead & logo]

_______________________ [name of company]

________________________ [address of company]

Date: ________________ [dd/mm/yy]


Sub: Receipt of Order no: __________ [state order no.]

Dear Sir,

This is to inform you that we have received the order of _______________ [items or other detail specifying order type], numbered ____________________ [order number] on the ___________________ [shipment receiving date]. The order was made on the __________________ [dd/mm/yy] and we have received it through _________________ [mode of delivery] at _____________________ [time of receiving the order]. The order has been received intact and we are happy to inform you that there has been no damage in the process of its shipment. The initial advance amount of _________________ [specify amount] having been paid, the remaining amount of ___________________ [specify amount] will be paid to you through ______________ [mode of payment] by ______________ [date]. The order invoice number ________________ [number to be specified] must be maintained by you for further references as well.

We thank you for delivering the order within the time promised. This is a culmination of a long and fruitful relationship between our companies, and we hope that this will continue for a long time. Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

___________________________ [name of sender]

___________________________ [designation]

_____________________________ [company address]

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