Order Verification Letter

By | March 21, 2013


______________________ [Recipient’s name]

_____________________ [Designation]

_____________________________ [Name of company or agency]

Date: __ __/ __ __/ __ __ __ __

[d d]  [m m] [y   y   y   y]

Sub: Order Verification Letter

Dear _______________ [recipient’s name],

We are pleased to inform you that we have received a mail confirming your order on the ________ [dd/mm/yy]. This letter is an order verification letter, and according to your order [order number: _____________ [specific number]], you have asked for ___________ [quantity] of ____________ [mention items]. The total cost of your order is coming to ____________ [specify amount], and an additional amount of __________ [mention additional amount] will be charged as shipping costs. Your order will be shipped by ______________ courier [specify courier name], and it will reach on time. You can track the movement of your order by keying in the unique order number which has been provided to you on our website. We hope that you will have no complaints with regards to our service. Please contact us without hesitation, we will try and solve your problems.

Thanking you,


___________________ [here mention the full name of sender]

______________________ [Signature]


For any other details, please do contact us at:

________________________ [telephone number]

____________________ [email id]

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