Appreciation Letter for Professor

An appreciation letter for professor is the letter written by a student to his/ her professor praising the professor for all the knowledge and support provided. The appreciation letter for professor- template is the document which entails the basic pattern and outline of such a letter. It is prepared in conformance with the format. Sample… Read More »

Appreciation Letter to Real Estate Agent

An appreciation letter to the real estate agent is written when thanking a professional in the position of real estate agent for his/ her services. The letter template is the document which when used as per the direction in the brackets will result in an actual appreciation letter. Sample Appreciation Letter to Real Estate Agent:… Read More »

Appreciation Letter to Insurance Agent

An appreciation letter to insurance agent is written by a person to thank an insurance agent for services provided. The template for these types of letters provide outline to draft an effective letter. A sample letter template is given below for reference. Sample Appreciation Letter to Insurance Agent: To ____________________________ [insurance agent’s full name] ____________________________… Read More »

Appreciation Letter to Recruiter

Recruiter is the individual who helps someone get a job as per their requirements and qualifications. An appreciation letter to recruiter template is the template of the letter via which a newly recruited individual thanks/ appreciates the respective recruiter’s help. A sample of such a template follows to be used by anyone in need. Sample… Read More »

New Employee Appreciation Letter

When a company wishes to appreciate the efforts of one of its new employees, it writes a new employee appreciation letter to them. The new employee appreciation letter template is the standard pattern letter which displays how the letter should be framed in accordance with the official format. Sample New Employee Appreciation Letter: To, _________________________… Read More »

Landlord Authorisation Letter

There are many situations under which a tenant needs authorization from the respective landlord for example in case tenant wants to get some renovation done etc. The letter the landlord issues to the tenant authorising the activity is referred to as the landlord authorisation letter. A sample of the landlord authorisation letter template is being… Read More »

Service Tax Authorisation Letter

Service tax authorisation letter refers to the letter written by the tax authorities of the state to a service provider, authorising him/ her to collect service tax from its clients. The service tax authorisation letter template is the outline of the actual format and makes the task of writing the letter much easier given the… Read More »

Credit Card Authorisation Letter

Whenever permitting third party to use one’s credit card, the card holder must write a formal letter informing a bank or a store where the card will be used and such letter is known as credit card authorisation letter. The template for same letter type will include all the information that is to be included… Read More »

Mortgage Authorisation Letter

A mortgage authorisation letter is the letter through which an individual permits the bank authorities to share the information of his/ her mortgage account with a third party. The letter can be easily framed with the help of the mortgage authorisation letter templates that are prepared with caution and are very easy to use. Sample… Read More »

Business Travel Authorisation Letter

A business travel authorisation letter is the letter written by a business in favour of an employee whom they are giving the authority to travel for business on business expenses. The letter template provides an outline to draft such letter with ease. A sample letter template is given below for reference. Sample Business Travel Authorisation… Read More »