Landlord Permission Letter

By | March 29, 2013


________________ [name of the tenant]

________________ [address line 1 of the tenant]

__________________ [address line 2 of the tenant]

______________________ [name of the city/state]

________________________[ date in dd/mm/yyyy format]

Dear ______________ [name of the tenant],

I am writing this letter to grant you permission for ______________ [mention the reason for which permission is given].  This is in regards to your mail/letter that I received on _____________ [mention the date on which mail/letter which was received by the landlord] mentioning that you wish to _____________ [mention the reason for which the tenant asked for the permission].

After going through your mail/letter I found that , what you mentioned was _______________[ mention what the landlord felt after reading the letter] and after thoughtful consideration I agree to give you permission for ____________[ act for which permission is given].

Now after getting my permission you have to keep some of the points into consideration like ____________, ____________________, and _______________ [mention various points that you like to be considered by the tenant].

So consider this letter as my permission and let me know if any other help is needed from my side in this regards.


_______________ [name of the landlord]

________________ [address of the landlord]

_____________________ [city/state of the landlord]

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